Plants as essential elements in garden design

In previous posts we have already talked about the essential phases in garden design, the importance of space management, integral designs and projects with pool house type structures. The time has come to give the value it deserves to planting as a fundamental compositional element when designing our garden with electrogardentools blades.

If we value from a landscaping perspective, the role of planting in the design of a garden we will discover a world of shapes, textures and colors that will allow us to have new design elements to work with.

To do this, we must value our future garden from a three-dimensional perspective, as it will be essential to take into consideration the shapes and volumes that can bring us the planting to our future garden.

Plants, a world of possibilities for our garden

Perennials, shrubs and trees are elements that offer us an infinite world of possibilities when it comes to increasing the added value of our garden design. But always being careful with all these possibilities.

A variety of different shapes and colors can make our garden very suggestive, but be careful, too much variety, and badly managed, can create visual confusion, disorder and uneasiness.

Perfect textures

Planting offers us a tactile quality that can be used as a valuable design tool.
From flowers that can provide us with rich and velvety textures to fine and translucent ones. Even the bark of the trees can provide us with a textural enrichment to our garden.


What could be better than planting to fill our garden with color and life?
The combination of colors and shapes must be thought out and planned with intentionality and care. The combination of complementary colors should generate balance to bring what we expect from our garden.
Deciding on one or another variety will depend on the client’s tastes and what they want their garden to convey.

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